Learning in a 1:1 computing clasroom

Dear colleagues

In this activity, we simulated a 1:1 computing learning environment that we would be having, a less than 9 months time!

As discussed, such learning environment warrants a change in the way we design and manage the learning activities and students' behaviour. These shape a very different learning experience for students and ourselves!

Some points highlighted include:

  • Are we comfortable with having learners with the portable computers in front of them and looking at their own screens instead of looking up at the teacher (in a usual classroom). Do we perceive that they are not paying attention? Can we trust that they are actually looking at things related to the lesson?
  • Having 1:1 computing does not necessary mean learners are working on their own. They could be assigned individual work, but have brief discussions with their peers (to either get help or clarify on the task) - just like what you went through.
  • With a wide range of application software installed in the computer, we could design activities that allow learners choose different medium of expression, yet all working with the same goal (converging to a common learning outcome) - this is illustrated in your outputs to the activity (above)!
  • Then what's the teachers' role? To go around checking if any help is needed and monitor the progress. What do we do when some complete the tasks earlier than the others? Could we leverage on the same platform that they are working on and get them to provide peer feedback or engage them in deeper learning?
  • The activity does not end with work submission (to the blog, in this case). How do we check understanding? Facilitation by teacher to get the individuals to share and to build on what's shared. Of course, this is only possible to be carry out effectively if the class size is small.

If you have any further ideas, or would like to highlight potential implementation issues or concerns... please feel free to enter as a comment here... we'll see how we could manage and address them together...

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