- ICT in Science Lessons (Lesson Ideas by Kin Chuan)

After discussion... further development of ideas...

Lesson: Science - Physics

Description of learning activity:

Scenario 1:

  • At the beginning of a lesson, students are given handouts to guide them in their actvity, where they learn with given applications like applets and simulations to explore and learn concepts on their own.
  • The handout scaffolds for them, providing cues getting them to observe patterns or phenomenons generated by the applets/simulation, jotting down data/observations, prompting them to ask questions for deeper thinking [leverages on 1:1 computing for individual learning]
  • Students would also post questions arises from their observations in the discussion forum to seek clarification or understand better on the topic they are learning. While students post questions in the discussion forum, teacher would scan and group the questions into broad categories (possible 4-5 groups).
  • At this juncture, using the handout, teacher elicits from students the key ideas/ observations they gather from the self-learning activity.
  • Divide the class into groups of 4. Assign them to one category of questions that's posted in the discussion forum. In the small groups, students discuss the possible answers to the questions raised, based on what they learn in the whole-class discussion (facilitated by the teacher). They could carry out internet search for deeper understanding.
  • The group will post their answers as a thread in the discussion forum. Alternatively, the group could extract the questions and post a collected response in a blog posting.

Question to ponder...

  • How do we leverage on smaller class size to improve the way activities are carried out?

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